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Burkasan has chosen TOMRA’s sorting technology to recycle HDPE bottles in its new plant

Burkasan uses TOMRA Recycling’s sorting machines in its new plastic recycling plant. The plant equipped with TOMRA’s AUTOSORT® and AUTOSORT® FLAKE is capable of sorting 5 tons of waste per hour, including PET, HDPE, PP, enabling them to be brought back in the loop and the economy for further usage.

Navigating the latest changes in waste legislation

Tom Eng, Senior Vice President and Head of TOMRA Recycling, provides an overview of some of the recent changes in European and international waste legislation and highlights the implications of these changes for waste operators.

TOMRA puts emphasis on customer service with its TOMRA CARE contracts

Paris, February 8, 2021 – TOMRA’s annual service contracts, TOMRA Care, offer maintenance, user training and remote assistance, and thus ensure continuous optimisation of sorting centre processes in a fast-changing environment. To date, already 80% of our french customers rely on TOMRA Care.

TOMRA and STADLER deliver the world’s first fully automated textile sorting plant in Malmö, Sweden

TOMRA and STADLER delivered the fully automated sorting plant for Sysav Industri AB, which sorts pre- and post-consumer mixed textile waste in southern Skåne, in Sweden. Four of TOMRA’s AUTOSORT® units are an integral part of the plant built and designed by STADLER. The plant is part of the Swedish Innovation Platform for Textile Sorting (SIPTex) government-funded project, which aims to develop a sorting solution tailored to the needs of textile recyclers and the garment industry.

How secure is your digital sorting data?

Why you can trust our digital sorting services just like you trust your online banking application

Automation Triples Processing Capacity

Premier Surplus automates E-waste processing with TOMRA AUTOSORT® FINES to take efficiencies to the next level

TOMRA Care: technology and customized technical service, an unbeatable offer

The ever-expanding recycling sector is becoming increasingly demanding. TOMRA Sorting Recycling is aware of this situation and responds to it with cutting-edge technologies. However, even the most sophistacted technologies can’t go without excellent serivce. It is necessary to offer an integrated and 360° solution that covers all phases of the business: from pre-sale to installation to after-sale.

TOMRA Sorting Recycling and STADLER UK Limited chosen as technology providers for Viridor’s £15.4m Masons MRF transformation

In 2019, STADLER UK Limited was appointed by Viridor as one of two main contract partners for the £15.4m upgrade of its Masons Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) near Ipswich, modernising the facility as part of a ten-year Viridor-Suffolk County Council contract renewal. Viridor runs the MRF on behalf of the Suffolk Waste Partnership.

TOMRA to Present Sorting Advancements at Upcoming Americas Thermoform Recycling & Food Contact Recycled Packaging Event

Carlos Manchado Atienza to cover the latest technologies, making it possible to create a cleaner PET thermoformed product for tray-to-tray recycling

The bottle-to-bottle way I go

I'm a little teapot, short and stout – well, actually, I am a PET bottle, not a teapot at all. I was used for iced tea, however. Now that my owner finished with me, how will my life go on? Will they just leave me on the picknick table in the park? Toss me into the bin after a run? Let me float on the duck pond until I inevitably end up on the other side of the shore where I will be swallowed by weeds, never decaying? Or will they take me to the store and recycle me, so that I may end up with you?