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The bottle-to-bottle way I go

I'm a little teapot, short and stout – well, actually, I am a PET bottle, not a teapot at all. I was used for iced tea, however. Now that my owner finished with me, how will my life go on? Will they just leave me on the picknick table in the park? Toss me into the bin after a run? Let me float on the duck pond until I inevitably end up on the other side of the shore where I will be swallowed by weeds, never decaying? Or will they take me to the store and recycle me, so that I may end up with you?

TOMRA’s latest generation AUTOSORT® boosts plant capacity and purity levels of recovered paper fractions for German paper sorting plant

Having worked together for more than 20 years, the partnership between TOMRA Sorting Recycling and leading German recycling company, Koppitz Entsorgungs-GmbH, has reached a new milestone. Following the installation of seven of TOMRA’s recently launched latest generation AUTOSORT® units at its paper sorting plant in Knetzgau, Germany, Koppitz has not only increased the plant’s capacity, but is also achieving higher purity levels of recovered paper fractions than ever before.


Innovative solutions that revolutionize the recovery of resources through sensor-based sorting have always been at the forefront of TOMRA Sorting GmbH. As an industry leader for more than 40 years, TOMRA is transforming the ways the world collects, manages and reuses resources to make the planet more sustainable.

TOMRA Sorting Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Japan

Anniversary marked with tripling of sales in 10 years


In the Netherlands, on the banks of the river Rhine, Wellman International uses digital sorting data from our TOMRA Insight dashboard to optimize their sorting process and to improve the recyclability of packaging.

TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s latest plastic flake sorting solutions deliver unparalleled recovery and purity results in polyolefins recycling

Thanks to the latest applications of TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s sensor-based flake sorting solutions, customers are now able to achieve unparalleled recovery and purity rates of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), both of which are polyolefins (PO). Until now, the company’s flake sorting solutions mainly focused on polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

TOMRA: When personalized technical service makes a difference

The Brazilian market is increasingly demanding with regard to recycling. TOMRA Sorting Recycling has been following this increase in demand with attention, always ensuring a cutting-edge technology capable of being at the level of demand of local plants. However, just selling high-tech equipment is not enough as the goal is to offer an integrated solution that fulfills the requirements of the company in the various stages of business. This differentiating element has a name: TOMRA Care and one of the local companies that benefits from this personalized service is ECOFABRIL, located in the city of Jundiaí in São Paulo.

TOMRA Recycling publishes new eBook unveiling the potential of connected machines

Machine connectivity delivers key production and service data to drive the strategic management process. 

TOMRA Recycling empowers light intensity of FLYING BEAM® for advanced sorting accuracy

Following the introduction of the new generation AUTOSORT® within TOMRA Recycling’s Symphony of all Sorts campaign, the company now gives more insight into its engineering advancements made to its FLYING BEAM® technology. Philipp Knopp, Product Manager at TOMRA Recycling, details the new version from a technical and customer perspective.

Find your perfect recycling solution at the TOMRA Test Center

Recycling plant operators might be aware of this: Finding the right solution for your particular need is not always easy. In my case, my plant required a new and effective machine to sort plastic bottles, separating PET bottles from other materials and colored PET before they can be shredded and sorted once more. My old equipment, consisting of machines I bought ten years ago, did not seem to be suitable for my facility's needs anymore, its outcome was often imprecise and its maintenance was time-consuming and thus costly. But how could I find a tailored solution among all the new machines and the modern, high-end technology? At this point, I contacted TOMRA Sorting Recycling, inquiring on a new sorting solution to meet my needs – and was invited to have my materials tested at the TOMRA Test Center. But let me tell the whole story!