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Integrated flake sorting solutions paving the way to increased quality

We all know the issues when it comes to plastic waste. Now more than ever, emphasis is being placed on handling this resource in a responsible, sustainable manner to make sure it can be reused. Plus, with new regulations being introduced around the recycled content within plastic bottles in particular, a new approach to recycling is imperative.

TOMRA Recycling celebrates digital launch of its latest and most advanced sorting solutions

Today marked the global launch of TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s latest advanced sorting solutions to meet demand for faster, more efficient and smarter material sorting – both now and in the future. Under the theme of ‘Symphony of all Sorts’, TOMRA Sorting Recycling formally launched two brand new products – TOMRA’s new generation technology AUTOSORT® and AUTOSORT® SPEEDAIR, and also outlined plans for the forthcoming launch of a third new solution, AUTOSORT® CYBOT.

World Environment Day: How you can take care of me, Earth

You may know me as "terra", mother of all life. I am 4.6 billion years old, more than 12,700 kilometers in diameter and have a surface area of 510,100,000 square kilometers – of which 70 percent are water and 30 percent land. While there is more life on me than I can count, I inhabit over seven billion humans. As your Earth, it is my mission to protect not only you but all of life, from the tiniest bug to the largest whale in the ocean, from weeds to reefs. Unfortunately, some humans spoil the broth and while you might mean well, there is a reckless exploitation of resources, especially of non-renewable resources. It takes millions of years for fossil fuels such as gas or coal to form, and yet humans use them up like nothing else. Not to mention how deforestation harms not only animals but also humans and my resources, the entire atmosphere. That is why I am happy to talk about World Environment Day, which in 2020 focuses on biodiversity.

TOMRA Sorting Recycling to hold digital live launch event

TOMRA Sorting Recycling to hold its first live digital launch event under the motto "Symphony of all Sorts" on 9 June to present new complementary products that create a perfectly harmonized symphony for sorting all types of waste with high accuracy and sophistication.

Groundbreaking innovation - TOMRA Sorting Recycling enables the production of Low Magnesium Twitch from Zorba

Global leader in sensor-based sorting systems, TOMRA Sorting Recycling, is renowned for spearheading technological developments and its latest innovation is no exception. TOMRA has further developed X-TRACT units for magnesium removal, a ground-breaking x-ray-based solution which can separate magnesium from aluminum in products such as Zorba and Twitch.

Responsible and innovative Sorting Recycling leading through and beyond COVID-19

A virus which was relatively unheard of until just recently is now wreaking havoc across populations and businesses. COVID-19 has called for new structures, new business continuity plans and new regulatory compliance - all in a very short space of time. TOMRA Sorting Recycling provides an insight into how it is managing the current situation.

New sorting technology can help overcome recycling business disruptions

Plant design automation and technology advancements lead to increased purity rates, while requiring fewer manual sorters

Maximum sorting efficiency and increased scrap aluminum quality achieved through the use of TOMRA Sorting Recycling technology

The quality control of aluminum scrap used as secondary raw material in aluminum production is becoming increasingly stringent. For this reason, it is necessary to have first class material. This excellence is not always guaranteed for those aluminum manufacturers which, as is often the case, are dependent on buying recycled aluminum materials. TOMRA Sorting Recycling's X-Ray Transmission (XRT) technology with its X-TRACT and X-TRACT X6 FINES units is highly recommended for efficiently separating aluminum and aluminum alloys from heavy metals, which delivers consistent quality for the resulting raw materials and products.

Facing 2 realities: paradise oceans vs plastic soup

Water plays an important role in our lives and the economy as a whole. On today's World Water Day we shift focus on our oceans, which are a vital water source but increasingly affected by human action.

How Global Recycling Day teaches us about the potential it holds for sustaining our environment

With Earth's resources being finite and the consumption of them speeding up at an unprecedented pace, resources are gradually running out. Today's Global Recycling Day reminds us of the impact recycling has and what can be done to sustain our resources.