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TOMRA: When personalized technical service makes a difference

The Brazilian market is increasingly demanding with regard to recycling. TOMRA Sorting Recycling has been following this increase in demand with attention, always ensuring a cutting-edge technology capable of being at the level of demand of local plants. However, just selling high-tech equipment is not enough as the goal is to offer an integrated solution that fulfills the requirements of the company in the various stages of business. This differentiating element has a name: TOMRA Care and one of the local companies that benefits from this personalized service is ECOFABRIL, located in the city of Jundiaí in São Paulo.

TOMRA Recycling publishes new eBook unveiling the potential of connected machines

Machine connectivity delivers key production and service data to drive the strategic management process. 

TOMRA Recycling empowers light intensity of FLYING BEAM® for advanced sorting accuracy

Following the introduction of the new generation AUTOSORT® within TOMRA Recycling’s Symphony of all Sorts campaign, the company now gives more insight into its engineering advancements made to its FLYING BEAM® technology. Philipp Knopp, Product Manager at TOMRA Recycling, details the new version from a technical and customer perspective.

Find your perfect recycling solution at the TOMRA Test Center

Recycling plant operators might be aware of this: Finding the right solution for your particular need is not always easy. In my case, my plant required a new and effective machine to sort plastic bottles, separating PET bottles from other materials and colored PET before they can be shredded and sorted once more. My old equipment, consisting of machines I bought ten years ago, did not seem to be suitable for my facility's needs anymore, its outcome was often imprecise and its maintenance was time-consuming and thus costly. But how could I find a tailored solution among all the new machines and the modern, high-end technology? At this point, I contacted TOMRA Sorting Recycling, inquiring on a new sorting solution to meet my needs – and was invited to have my materials tested at the TOMRA Test Center. But let me tell the whole story!

TOMRA Sorting’s Carlos Manchado Atienza to Speak at NERC Glass Forum

Global leader in sensor-based sorting systems, TOMRA Sorting Recycling, announces that Carlos Manchado Atienza, regional director Americas, will speak at the upcoming Northeast Recycling Council’s (NERC) Northeast Glass Forum, September 1-2, 2020. The virtual event targets glass industry professionals grappling with understanding glass markets and decision-making for a community’s recycled non-bottle bill glass program.

Using sensor-based sorting technology to derive maximum value from ELV scrap

Martin Song, Area Sales Manager Korea at TOMRA Sorting, explores the challenges associated with recovering high volumes of high purity materials from end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), and considers how South Korea could learn from European best practice in this field of recycling.

TOMRA Recycling: Addressing the challenges of aluminium recycling

Demand for aluminium has risen steadily over recent years and is predicted to increase further over the next two decades, with both the European car industry and construction industry likely to remain major end users of this highly versatile metal.

Integrated flake sorting solutions paving the way to increased quality

We all know the issues when it comes to plastic waste. Now more than ever, emphasis is being placed on handling this resource in a responsible, sustainable manner to make sure it can be reused. Plus, with new regulations being introduced around the recycled content within plastic bottles in particular, a new approach to recycling is imperative.

TOMRA Recycling celebrates digital launch of its latest and most advanced sorting solutions

Today marked the global launch of TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s latest advanced sorting solutions to meet demand for faster, more efficient and smarter material sorting – both now and in the future. Under the theme of ‘Symphony of all Sorts’, TOMRA Sorting Recycling formally launched two brand new products – TOMRA’s new generation technology AUTOSORT® and AUTOSORT® SPEEDAIR, and also outlined plans for the forthcoming launch of a third new solution, AUTOSORT® CYBOT.

World Environment Day: How you can take care of me, Earth

You may know me as "terra", mother of all life. I am 4.6 billion years old, more than 12,700 kilometers in diameter and have a surface area of 510,100,000 square kilometers – of which 70 percent are water and 30 percent land. While there is more life on me than I can count, I inhabit over seven billion humans. As your Earth, it is my mission to protect not only you but all of life, from the tiniest bug to the largest whale in the ocean, from weeds to reefs. Unfortunately, some humans spoil the broth and while you might mean well, there is a reckless exploitation of resources, especially of non-renewable resources. It takes millions of years for fossil fuels such as gas or coal to form, and yet humans use them up like nothing else. Not to mention how deforestation harms not only animals but also humans and my resources, the entire atmosphere. That is why I am happy to talk about World Environment Day, which in 2020 focuses on biodiversity.